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Adobe Premiere for Experienced Users

    • Consolidation of basic editing techniques
    • Premiere storyboard feature for speedy editing
    • Premiere audio controls and LED monitors
    • Professional editing using targeted tracks
    • Useful keyboard shortcuts for speed and efficiency.
    • Organisation of large projects.
    • ‘Markers’ for precise synchronisation.
    • Customising transitions for special effects.
    • Exploring a range of useful video effects
    • Understanding the concept of ‘key-framing’.
    • Key-frameable and non-key-frameable effects over time.
    • Consolidation of audio editing techniques.
    • Adding movement to a still image (panning and zooming).
    • Creating a ‘freeze frame’.
    • Understanding the concept of ‘keying’.
    • Understanding the concept of ‘alpha channels’.
    • Understanding and using chroma-keying.
    • Understanding and using alpha keying.
    • Creating and applying rolling and scrolling titles.
    • Adding semi-transparent layers in Premiere titler.
    • Creating simple ‘alpha graphics’ using Premiere titler.
    • Multiple superimposition techniques.
    • Understanding the concept of ‘motion paths’.
    • Consistency of ‘motion paths’ throughout a project.
    • ‘Speed control’ for slow and fast motion effects.


Click HERE
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comprehensive pdf version
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You will require
Adobe Acrobat Reader
which can be dowloaded from
the link below if necessary

Get Acrobat Reader


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