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Introduction to Video Editing on Computer

  • Is ‘editing’ more than just ‘cutting out the bad bits’?
  • What is ‘Non-Linear’ editing?
  • Is ‘Non-Linear’ better than ‘Linear’?
  • Can I deliver on VHS tape, CD, DVD and over the Web?
  • Digital technology – in five minutes!
  • Do I need a digital camcorder?
  • Will I need to buy a new VCR?
  • What is a capture card?  What does it do?
  • Do I need a capture card?
  • Which is the best software?
  • How much storage will I need?
  • Can I grab pictures from video and print them out?
  • Can I scan photos to use in my video?
  • Can I use my Laptop?
  • I have an old computer, can I use that?
  • I have less than a grand to spend – can I still do it?
  • Isn’t it complicated wiring everything up?
  • Isn’t NLE too difficult?  Will I manage it?
  • I’m getting on a bit, am I too old to learn?

We’ve heard all these questions before and provided the answers for scores of people - helping them to make the right decision (OK some have decided against, but that in itself has saved them money).


Take some time to find out before you buy.
You will consider it a day well spent we promise you.

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You will require
Adobe Acrobat Reader
which can be dowloaded from
the link below if necessary

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